CNN announced Wednesday that it will cancel former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's 8 p.m. talk show, "In the Arena," and instead move Anderson Cooper's newscast from 10 p.m. EST into Spitzer's former slot, the New York Times reported.

Cooper's newscast will be rebroadcast at 10 p.m. as well.

“I’m looking forward to the new time slot and am excited to share AC360 with a new audience at 8 p.m., while still connecting with my regular viewers at 10 p.m.,” Cooper said in the network's statement.

Spitzer has been on CNN since October 2010. He originally co-hosted "Parker-Spitzer" with conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, who left the show in February amid poor ratings. According to Reuters, CNN's statement gave no mention of why Spitzer's show would no longer be aired.

Spitzer, Democrat, resigned the governor's seat in 2008 after a prostitution scandal.

Politico's Ben Smith has the full text of CNN's statement.

Image via Wikimedia Commons