When former coworkers get together, the insider gossip they tend to exchange is always juicy, to someone. Last night's case, a televised interview between former MSNBC hosts Keith Olbermann and Cenk Uygur, was no exception.

In a wide-ranging discussion about the ethics of MSNBC, the two seemed to agree that the network has tended to give Democratic officials an easy ride -- what Uygur labeled as sacrificing truth for access.

The media on Thursday was abuzz with Uygur's last commentary on MSNBC and why he parted ways with the network, even after they offered him a new time-slot. He said quite plainly that the network has lost its taste for challenging power, and that he wanted no part in it.

This video is from Current TV's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, broadcast Thursday, July 21, 2011.