Arizona State Senator Frank Antenori (R) officially announced Monday afternoon that he was considering to run for Gabrielle Giffords' seat in Congress -- but only if the three-term congresswoman was not running for reelection.

"I really hope for the best for her," Antenori said. "If she able to run and vigorously represent the district in all likelihood I will probably opt out and continue to serve in the legislature."

Giffords, a Democrat, has been recovering from a gunshot wound to the head for the last eight months. She has not announced whether she will seek reelection.

Antenori has formed an exploratory committee to look into a possible run for the seat, but will not decide if he is running until the state's congressional districts are redrawn.

"Part of the exploring process is to see if that support is there, the support base of the volunteers, the support base of donors the support base of the electorate, see if the electorate thinks your capable of representing them," he said.