In a strange revelation Thursday, Mother Jones magazine unearthed a mostly forgotten 2002 movie that stars none other than Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann during her days as an education activist, warning Americans about a coming second Holocaust brought on by the U.S. public education system.

As if that weren't bizarre enough, her co-star, activist Michael Chapman, got even more specific: He claimed that a globalist plot to destroy Christianity was underway in the U.S., warning that schools helping teens find jobs would ultimately lead to a new Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi concentration camp where countless Jews were slaughtered.

The film, called Guinea Pig Kids II according to the report, was made in conjunction with a conservative group called the Maple River Education Coalition. Consisting mainly of two presentations -- one by Chapman and one by Bachmann -- building upon conspiracies that sound like Glenn Beck's worst nightmares.

"They redefine words," Chapman claims in one segment. "'Civic virtue.' Doesn't that sound wonderful? It is now redefined as 'the dedication of citizens to the common good -- even at the cost of their individual interest.' Now you're starting to see where we're going. Because once you throw out God, that includes your individual liberty. So who's the new God? Government."

He goes on to assert that school-to-work programs, which help students identify core skills needed to get jobs in their chosen fields, are an echo of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's concentration camps. Later the film shows an image of a deserted, foggy area bearing the words "Work Makes Free!," a rough translation of the phrase that hung in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

"As I was listening to Mike, I wondered -- perhaps you had this same thought -- I was wondering: Is this something that's coming?" Bachmann says in another segment, endorsing Chapman's conspiracies. "Or is this something that's already here?"

"It's already here, and it's something that we have to deal with," she concluded.

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The videos below are from Mother Jones, featuring clips from Michele Bachmann's film Guinea Pig Kids.