The San Francisco Chronicle captured video of an Iowa fairgoer last week confronting Todd Palin.

"We're from Alaska," the woman told him. "We were sick when she quit."

"What would you recommend doing when you got $600,000, $700,000 of debt hanging over your head, and you still have all these people filing complaints against you?" Todd Palin asked. "What would you do?"

"Well, you go for the money obviously. That's what she did. Everybody in Alaska thinks she sold out," the woman replied.

"Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. You got all this debt going to be there," Todd Palin insisted.

"It's not there anymore is it? You got quite the deal," the woman charged, adding that Todd Palin was also a "sellout" as he walked away.

Watch this video from The San Francisco Chronicle, broadcast Aug. 14, 2011.