Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on Thursday launched a new television advertisement highlighting his prior military service and support from veterans.

The Texas congressman is an vocal supporter of non-interventionist foreign policy and shutting down military bases overseas, in sharp contrast to other Republican presidential candidates. In addition, Paul has received more donations from active-duty members of the military than all of the other Republican presidential candidates combined.

"It takes a veteran to understand a veteran, and he is a veteran himself," a Vietnam veteran in the ad says.

The 60-second ad will air in New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Florida and South Carolina. In a statement, Paul's 2012 campaign said the ad was the first in a $1 million ad push over the next few weeks.

“Our campaign is seeing growing momentum now and is doing this ad blitz to cement ourselves in the top tier. We’ve seen Dr. Paul’s poll numbers steadily increase, with strong showings in recent New Hampshire and Iowa polls, as well as strong head-to-head showings versus President Obama,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

Watch the ad, titled "A Veteran's Best Friend," below: