Current TV guest host David Shuster Sunday ripped the Fox News hosts who moderated last week's Republican presidential debate.

Shuster, who formerly worked for Fox News and MSNBC, told CNN's Howard Kurtz that Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier did ask a few tough questions, "but there were also some questions, Howard, that were, frankly, incredibly silly and stupid."

"For Megyn Kelly to suggest -- for her to ask Mitt Romney, 'Oh, are you going to call President Obama a socialist too?' or for Bret Baier to say, "Wait a second, you know, how are you going to turn this country around? Candidate, you have 30 seconds.' I mean, it is not that simple."

He added: "If you're going to have journalists as moderators, at least pick people who have experience covering politics. Brit Hume, Carl Cameron, there are folks at Fox News who bring a certain level of sophistication to their understanding of politics. And I think when Fox News goes to the Megyn Kellys, the Bret Baiers, people who don't have much experience, who haven't covered campaigns, the result is sometimes you have inane questions that come out and, frankly, waste everybody's time."

Watch this video from CNN's Reliable Sources, broadcast Sept. 25, 2011.

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