Ari Berman, author and contributing writer for The Nation magazine, told Amy Goodman of Democracy Now on Tuesday that the influential Koch brothers were pushing voting laws to help the Republican Party win more elections.

"The Koch brothers, as you know, their money is all over the place here," he said. "It’s in redistricting, it’s in voting, it’s in a larger campaign, basically, to make Republicans the dominant party. And so, what we saw is the Koch Brothers bank-rolled so much of the victories of Republicans in the 2010 election."

"And now what’s happening is, now that the Republicans have power, they’re trying to keep it and they’re trying to keep it by, for example, writing congressional maps to their favor and writing election laws to their favor. These are two ways, two huge sleeper issues in which the Koch brothers and other aligned groups are, basically, undermining the very fabric of our democratic process."

Watch video, courtesy of Democracy Now, below: