Herman Cain is refusing to back down from Cornel West and Harry Belafonte's stinging critique of his comments.

The GOP candidate candidate for president appeared on Hannity Monday evening, hitting back at both of the prominent black, liberal figures' tough opinions on him earlier in the day.

"That's the difference between someone who has spent their life in academia, and someone who has spent their life in the real world," Cain said in response to West, who suggested on CNN that the Republican needed to get off "the crack pipe" on CNN. "I've been in the real world, he's been in academia, so he's back on this symbolic stuff."

The former CEO of Godfather's Pizza then turned his attack towards Belafonte, who called Cain a "bad apple" on Monday's episode of The View.

"I left the Democrat plantation long ago," he said. "And all that they try to do is to try to intimidate me and call me names."

Cain added: "People like Harry Belafonte, Cornel West, and others who attack me, they don't want black people to think for themselves. And this is why they are so upset with Herman Cain, who is now moving up to the top tier for the Republican nomination. And that people are listening to me, they don't want me to wake people up, and get them to read the fine print and think for themselves."

WATCH: Video from Fox News, which appeared on October 10, 2011.