Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Sunday that if elected, he would "change the mood" of "Hail to the Chief" by adding a gospel vibe.

"It's traditional and that's all well and good, but I happen to believe there comes a time when you need to change the mood of it just a little bit, not drastically," Cain told Fox News' Chris Wallace. "It's kind of like in marketing. Periodically, companies that have been successful at branding might modify their logos just a little bit to give it a fresher look. I think 'Hail to the Chief' needs a little bit fresher sound."

"Hip hop?" Wallace asked.

"I might put some gospel beats into 'Hail to the Chief,' OK?" Cain explained.

Cain's three-years-old gospel album "Sunday Morning" was released online in July.

"Hail to the Chief" was first played in association with a U.S. president in 1815 to honor George Washington. In 1829, Andrew Jackson became the first living president to be honored with the march.

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