Approximately 30 protesters affiliated with Stand Up Chicago staged a "die-in" at a Bank of America on Thursday before complying with police orders to leave.

"We are told in our baptismal vows and our ordination vows to resist evil," one protester said before the event. "And I think the corruption and special interests that are going on in our country are evil. I've meet several dozens of people out here who have been foreclosed upon, dozens and dozens -- hundreds perhaps -- who are unemployed. And I think it's quite evil when they sit in their homes, and their about to lose their homes, and while other people have many homes."

The "die-in" was part of a week-long protest organized by Stand Up Chicago. A similar protest, "Occupy Chicago," has now lasted 20 straight days. The two demonstrations are separate, although they share many of the same goals and grievances.

Several thousand demonstrators marched through downtown Chicago on Monday to protest against economic inequality, the lack of good jobs and the influence of corporations in politics. The “Take Back Chicago” protest was organized by Stand Up Chicago and those from “Occupy Chicago” participated as well.

Watch video, courtesy of independent YouTube reporter John Sheehan, below: