Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert called out Raw Story Thursday for reporting that he had explained how money could be laundered to Karl Rove's American Crossroads SuperPAC.

Unlike American Crossroads, Rove's Crossroads GPS is a 501c4 organization that does not have to disclose its donors. Crossroads GPS can then transfer donations to the Americans Crossroads SuperPAC and the original donors remain secret.

Following Rove's lead, Colbert created his own 501c4 organization called Colbert SuperPAC Shh! that would allow him to launder donations to the original Colbert SuperPAC.

"The blame-Steve media twisted my words with misleading articles," Colbert complained, referring to Raw Story's reporting and another report from The Christian Science Monitor.

"Hey, media, I wasn't talking about Karl Rove's shadowy, unaccountable organizations, I was talking about my identical shadowy, unaccountable organizations," the Comedy Central host explained. "I cannot believe that my show was deliberately misrepresented in the news. It's supposed to be the other way around, guys."

He added: "So to undo the damage that I have unwittingly done to Karl's otherwise spotless reputation, I will now issue a rare clarification. As his lawyer points out, Karl Rove has two pots of money: one that can take unlimited donations from anybody and has got to report who they are, and another way bigger pot of money that can take unlimited donations and they don't have to report jack squat... There is no evidence of money laundering. And Karl's lawyer specifically assures us that no money from Crossroads GPS will be laundered."

"That is a promise from Karl Rove that if there is any dirty money, it will stay dirty."

Watch this video from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, broadcast Oct. 6, 2011.