James O'Keefe would be proud.

A conservative blogger has been accused of trying to give out marijuana bongs and Che Guevara rolling papers in Zuccotti Park in order to make Occupy Wall Street protesters look criminal.

New York City resident Joey Boots captured video of Evan Coyne Maloney being confronted by protesters after he allegedly tried to pass out the paraphernalia. At one point, Maloney is seen trying to hand a protester a pack of rolling papers with the image of Che Guevara.

One protester who got a peek at Maloney's prepared questions noted that they were all "anti-liberal."

"Is Bill Clinton the bad guy?" the protester observed. "Is Barack Obama? Democrats are the bad guy? He's doing this because he's going to sell it."

"I wish I could sell it," Maloney replied.

"You're a Fox News guy trying to make us all look bad with your anti-liberal -- He just gave out -- He's trying to give people bongs to make us look bad!" the protester shouted. "Over there they gave out bongs. He's like, 'You answer, here's a bong.' Trying to get that one shot... All [Maloney's assistant] had was bongs, peace signs with marijuana and Che Guevara rolling papers. Three things when Fox News gets it, they'll just clip that then it's just like protesters accept it."

"Do you have bongs and marijuana leaf pictures and stickers and Che Guevara?" Boots asked. "Are you giving it out? Do you have it in that backpack?"

"We got ourselves some Che Guevara rolling papers," Maloney admitted as he tried to hand a pack to a protester. "We're giving these away."

"Are we going to expect to see those pictures on Fox News?" Boots wondered.

"I don't know if they'll pick it up," Maloney replied. "Maybe you'll see it on CNN."

"Why don't you give us some thermals?" the protester demanded. "We're staying through the winter. Not bongs."

"How about a blanket?" Boots pressed. "People need blankets. You could give away a blanket. You could give away a sandwich, some free pizza."

Fox News first noticed Maloney's work in 2003 when Brit Hume featured clips of his Protesting the Protesters documentary that cast a negative light on anti-war demonstrators.

Since then, Fox News' Sean Hannity has also interviewed Maloney about Indoctrinate U, a film that tries to expose censorship of conservatives on college campuses.

Watch this video from Joey Boots, uploaded to YouTube Oct. 25, 2011.