Once again, Fox News has a serious problem with Sesame Street.

On The Five Friday afternoon, the show's conservative members voiced their disapproval over the legendary PBS kids program introducing a poverty stricken muppet named Lily to its cast.

Andrea Tantaros asked, "I just don't understand why this muppet is hungry? Obama has expanded food stamps, he's expanded WIC, Women Infants in Children. Why is Lily hungry?"

Bob Beckel, the only non-conservative on the show, reminded his co-hosts the statistic that one in five children are in poverty in America. But that did little to change his right-wing colleagues.

"But why does Lily have to be a muppet?" Eric Bolling asked. "Why does Sesame Street have to make Lily a poverty stricken little muppet for our kids to watch? Why is Lily a lass, a group, do we single out the black muppet, the Hispanic muppet?"

"There is so much money out there to feed these kids, this is just the biggest bunch of liberal bull," Tantaros said.

This isn't the first time the network has attacked Sesame Street. In June, a Sean Hannity panel group thought the show was promoting "liberal views."

WATCH: Video from Fox News, which aired on October 7, 2011.