Leave it to Sean Hannity to find something controversial about Michelle Obama shopping at Target.

On Friday evening's edition of Hannity, the Fox commentator took umbrage over the First Lady shopping at the renowned retail store. Clearly upset at seeing photographs of her at such a location, Hannity deemed that she has "an image problem along with her husband" and questioned the authenticity of her shopping at Target.

"Martha's Vineyard, golfing, basketball, extravagant trips, a lot of diamonds, all this stuff," he said. "So here's her with a picture at Target, and it just so happens an AP photographer happens to be there, right?"

Taken aback by Hannity's skepticism, both Republican strategist Karen Harenty and Democratic strategist Joe Trippi tried to place the focus back on President Obama. But that didn't stop the conservative firebrand from getting one last jab at the First Lady.

"I shop there, but we're being manipulated here," he said.

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