Jello Biafra, best known as the lead singer for the punk band The Dead Kennedys, on Wednesday praised the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and gave the demonstrators some advice.

"This is what we should have been doing starting in January 2009 to remind our hope and change Barack-star of why we put so much faith in that dude in the first place," he said. "But instead people got in their cocoons and wallowed reminiscing about their youth on Facebook, 'oh, and Barack-star will do all the work, our deed is done, now we can sleep easy.'"

"When labor and civil rights leader Philip A. Randolph gave Roosevelt a list of demands, his reply was, in a nutshell, 'this all looks good, now make me do it.' And I know exactly what he meant by that, and that is what we have not been doing with the Barack-star."

Biafra, a leading figure of the Green Party, warned the protesters not to get hijacked by "loonies" or co-opted by the "Democratic corporate machine."

"Some people have said, and this is kind of insulting, that 'Occupy Wall Street' is like the liberal tea party. Well, we can do better than that."

"One tea party tactic is a good one. Start running for office in 2012."

Watch video, courtesy of Alternative Tentacles, below:

Photo credit: Libertinus Yomango