During yesterday's "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations, a group of "money zombies" rampaged through the streets of New York City, as a theatrical mockery of the wealthy elite who runt he financial sector.

Chris Longenecker, one of the protesters in zombie makeup, explained to ABC News reporter Dan Harris that the zombie motif was just a metaphor for how they view the wealthiest Americans. Longenecker added that he wants to see Americans adopt a "horizontal democracy," rather than a "representative" one.

"There's already 72 occupations across the United States," he explained. "We anticipate 100 by this time next week. What's really important about these occupations is that they reflect consensus-based democracy, horizontal democracy. In representative democracy, 50 percent plus one can govern tyrannically over the remaining 49 percent that dissent. In consensus-based, horizontal democracy that all the general assemblies practice, everyone has to come to a negotiated agreement that we all consent on. And if anybody blocks an agreement, it is no longer valid.

"To me, this is about creating a peaceful revolution that subverts the system from within."

The video below was published to YouTube on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011.

Photo: Flickr user david_shankbone.