If you thought the race for the Republican presidential nomination was a fierce battle, it may not be as passionate as to which state hosts the first GOP primary election.

A day after Florida made it official by moving its primary up, New Hampshire is now considering to hold their contest in December. The possible move from "the Granite State" comes with the desire to still remain as the state hosting the nation's first primary.

“If we have to go in December, we’re going to go in December, because our law and our tradition is going to be upheld,” New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner said to the Bloomberg News. Gardner is also moving up the filing date for the primary in New Hampshire in order to keep a primary in 2011 possible.

A state commission in Florida voted 7-2 to move Florida's primary date to January 31st, making it now the first primary in the 2012 schedule. Prior to that move, New Hampshire was first primary on February 14th, with the Iowa caucuses scheduled on February 6th.