National Public Radio (NPR) has continued its decision to remove itself from anything associated with Lisa Simeone after her participation in an anti-war protest in Washington.

The network will no longer distribute "World of Opera," a show Simeone hosts, to the 60 stations the nationally syndicated program is broadcasted to. WDAV, the station that produces "World of Opera," refused to drop the radio music personality and will distribute the show on its own starting November 11th.

Earlier in the week, Simeone was fired from the radio documentary program "Soundprint." Like "World of Opera," "Soundprint" is not an NPR-produced show. Soundprint Media Center, the company that produces "Soundprint," adopted NPR's codes of ethics and fired Simeone based on the grounds of those rules.

Simeone is a broadcast freelancer and has never been an NPR employee.