On Tuesday night, a party for Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) members was greeted by "Occupy Chicago" protesters, who chanted "banks got bailed out, we got sold out."

The party was hosted by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange at Union Station. The protesters gathered at the one of the entrances of the building near where the party was being held.

“Occupy Chicago” began on September 23, when around 20 people gathered at Willis Tower and then marched to the Federal Reserve Bank to show their solidarity with the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters in lower Manhattan.

Since the beginning of the protest, dozens to hundreds of protesters have demonstrated day-after-day at a busy corner outside the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Tuesday's protest came after several thousand demonstrators marched through downtown Chicago on Monday to protest against economic inequality, the lack of good jobs and the influence of corporations in politics.

The “Take Back Chicago” demonstration was organized by Stand Up Chicago, a coalition of some 20 community groups and organizations. Protesters from the ongoing “Occupy Chicago” demonstration also participated.

The protesters eventually converged on the Art Institute of Chicago, where members of the MBA were attending an annual conference.

"We all recognize that our industry faces a trust deficit with policymakers and the public and that people in our industry contributed to the events that led to the financial crisis," the MBA said in a statement ahead of the protest.

"The mortgage professionals who have gathered in Chicago this week are about sustainable homeownership and ensuring access to affordable mortgage credit for qualified borrowers."

Reuters reported that MBA Chief Executive David Stevens said in his opening remarks at the conference that the group was "on the war front fighting" against new regulations, including those included in the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.

Watch video, courtesy of independent YouTube reporter John Sheehan, below: