Peter Rickman, a member of UW-Madison's Teaching Assistant Association, told The UpTake in an interview that the "Occupy Milwaukee" demonstration was part of a global movement for social and economic justice.

Thousands marched October 15 and many of the protesters have remain encamped at a park in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood.

"It's crucial that we fight for our community. Folks here are really pissed off, frankly, about income and wealth inequality, the concentration of political and economic power in the hands elites, and just the general screwing over of working class people," said Rickman, who has helped organize the protest. "Milwaukee is a place where we need to have a real fight back if we're going to build a movement for social and economic justice in this country and around the world."

"The 'Occupy' movements are creating a new political space in this country, here in Wisconsin, here in Milwaukee," he continued. "It is opening up a space for a more progressive, left-wing populism, which I think we desperately need if were going to not only fight for but win social and economic justice."

One man leading an "Occupy Milwaukee" demonstration in front of M&I Bank was arrested on October 20, only to be released the next day without being charged.

Watch video, courtesy of The UpTake, below: