Although footage of protesters clashing with police has received an overwhelming amount of media coverage, peaceful assemblies of "Occupy" protesters have mostly gone ignored. "Occupy Portland" released a short video on Wednesday that shows how the group's Peace & Safety Committee has maintained public safety and kept their actions peaceful.

"This easily could have devolved into Molotov cocktails, rocks being thrown, private property by the millions being damaged, our jails filled to the brim, people hating the police, lawsuits, acrimony," Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard said in the video. "What has been remarkable to me is that it has been clear the leaders of this particular protest have made a conscious decision to make sure that doesn't happen."

The group aims to exemplify the values they want the government to adopt. The protesters have been offering free food, medical care and shelter to anyone.

The demonstrators began the "Occupy Portland" protest for social and economic justice on October 6.

Watch video, courtesy of Occupy Portland, below: