A protester from Occupy San Jose climbed a three-story wall near City Hall Monday and refused to come down.

The protester, who goes by the name "Cracker," was identified as 27-year-old Shaun O'Kelly by another demonstrator, according to KGO.

O'Kelly told reporters that he was an itinerant construction worker who had been cited several times for living on the streets.

"I'm going to stay up here as long as I can," O'Kelly explained. "I've got nothing to lose."

"As long as I'm up here, [the occupation] will continue, non-stop," he said in an interview with KQED.

"When this first started we in the city had an agreement we'd keep it to five tents, and we kept it to five tents, and then they served us an eviction notice, and since then they've been causing us nothing but problems. It's a big waste of money for them to be messing with us when there's St. James Park and the rest of San Jose that's plagued with criminals."

For their part, police are just waiting him out.

Watch this video from KGO, broadcast Oct. 24, 2011.

Watch this video of volunteers hoisting supplies up to O'Kelly, uploaded to YouTube Oct. 24, 2011.