On Friday night's episode of Real Time, host Bill Maher commenced the show with an interview with Robert Jeffress, the infamous Rick Perry-supporting Baptist pastor who made headlines last week at the Values Voters Summit by calling Mormonism a "cult."

Jeffress said, "...Mormonism has never been a part of historical Christianity. It’s never been considered by that… They have their own set of doctrines, they have their own book of revelation, they came 1800 years after the church. I think Mormons are good, moral people but they’re not part of Christianity"

Historians have traced the beginning of the Baptist sect, of which Jeffress is a minister, to 1609.

Maher, a well-known atheist who starred in the documentary film Religulous, naturally agreed.

But, it was Jeffress' comments on the Catholic Church and other doctrine that could rankle some more. Jeffress said, "We're not saved by our good works, we're saved by our faith alone" and,"there are some problems with the teachings of the Catholic Church."

Jeffress also stated that the parts of the Bible attributed to the Apostle Paul were just as important as the words of Jesus and that Karl Rove "has been after him with a meat cleaver" since he made controversial statements at the Values Voters Summit.

Watch the full interview below, originally uploaded by Mediaite on October 14, 2011.