Police clashed with some "Occupy Seattle" protesters on Wednesday after the demonstrators refused an order to take down their tents at Westlake Park. At least 10 people were arrested, according to the Seattle Times.

The group of about 100 protesters had been camped out at Westlake Park since Saturday to show solidarity with the "Occupy Wall Street" protest in lower Manhattan.

In a statement on Tuesday, Seattle mayor Mike McGinn said he supported the protest, but that the demonstrators could not erect permanent tents in the park.

"Like all of our parks, Westlake Park is owned by the people of Seattle," he said. "No one group can use a park to the exclusion of others, no matter how worthy the cause."

When police officers arrived on Wednesday and attempted to remove the tents, protesters linked arms around a tent and chanted anti-police slogans, such as "police are tools of Wall Street", "cops are not people" and "cops, pigs, murderers." They were forcefully removed.

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