In the light of revelations that Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry leased a hunting ranch that had been called "Niggerhead," Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and Wyatt Cenac took a tour of other places with racist names.

"Wyatt, I know you grew up in Texas," Stewart told Cenac. "It's got to hurt your heart to be reminded of the casual racial insensitivity that has long marred that state."

"Actually, John, I'm not in Texas," Cenac explained. "I'm in your state. I'm standing in front of Nigger Lake, New York... It's real. It's up here in Hamilton County. The state even listed in on its website until recently. And you can see why. It's a beautiful lake -- unless you're a nigger."

"The point is everybody's rushing to condemn Texas. And, sure, there's a lot of racist shit that goes on in Texas, but guess what? There's Niggerhead Rapids, Idaho; Niggerhead Point, Florida; Niggerhead Pond, Vermont; Niggerhead Creek, North Carolina -- good fishing; Niggerhead Mining District, Washington. Did you know there are over a 100 places that have been called Niggerhead in this country?"

"Wyatt, I don't know what to say. What does this say about America?" Stewart asked.

"It says there aren't enough black people making maps!" Cenac exclaimed.

Watch this video from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Oct. 3, 2011.

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