Jon Stewart didn't miss out on sharing his thoughts Tuesday night on the Hank Williams Jr. controversy.

The Daily Show host picked apart Fox & Friends' hypocrisy  again, highlighting co-host Gretchen Carlson saying, "Why should we care about things these celebrities say," when criticizing Rosanne Barr's latest comments, yet decide to interview Williams later in the interview.

Stewart then turned his attention towards Williams' much maligned comments. "I'm not even sure I understand what he even said," the comedian reacted. "So he mangled his metaphors, so what. He's just like Roseanne. Both mangled the star-spangled banner, both drunkly married to Tom Arnold. I guess we'll just chalk it as another case of Fox & Friends saying one thing and doing the other."

But when he got to the news of ESPN pulling Williams from his Monday Night Football opener, Stewart seemed alarmed.

"They pulled the song?" he asked in disbelief. "We count on it to gauge our nation’s football readiness!”

Stewart said the sports giant should have been cognizant of Williams' rambunctious ways.

Stewart noted,“He’s been at ESPN for 23 years, have you met him? He’s got a song about how things would be better if the South had won. When he talks, I can smell the Jack Daniels on his breath from the television.”

For the record, Williams hasn't been with ESPN for 23 years, or even one year. Monday Night Football (MNF) joined ESPN in 2006, after ending its 35 year tenure on ABC. Williams's theme song has been used by MNF since 1990.

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which originally broadcast on October 4, 2011.