On Wednesday night's show, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart shamed authorities in Oakland who used tear gas, rubber bullets, bean-bag bullets, concussion grenades, flashbombs, sound cannons or other forceful methods to disburse protesters.

"What the fuck happened in Oakland?" Stewart exclaimed. "What's going on, Oakland? Chill out."

"So, the city was concerned about a public safety threat so they did this," he said while watching footage of protesters running as tear gas filled the streets and explosions went off in the background. "Seems a little heavy handed. Unless, was one of the protesters Godzilla? That would justify an attack."

"Oh, are you fucking kidding me?" Stewart asked about a person in a wheelchair surround by a cloud of tear gas. "What do you think that chair comes on ramming speed? Come on!

Watch this video from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Oct. 26, 2011.