Herman Cain's campaign apparently is not very good at doing its own research.

In an interview on Fox News' Hannity Tuesday evening, Cain campaign director Mark Block incorrectly stated that the son of Karen Kraushaar, one of the women accusing Cain of sexual harassment, works for Politico.

"Her son works at Politico," Block said. "We've confirmed that he does indeed work at Politico and that's his mother, yes."

However, the reporter Block was referring to, Josh Kraushaar, not only doesn't work at Politco anymore, but is also not related to the accuser despite having the same last name.

Kraushaar, who is now the editor of The National Journal's The Hotline, issued a tweet indicating that he wasn't related.

When he learned of Block's comments, he also tweeted, "Mark Block must get his facts from Internet comment boards. For a presidential spokesman to go on TV and make up blatant falsehoods doesn't speak well for his boss, either."

This isn't the only accusation from Block that has received strong pushback. After indicating that Texas Gov. Rick Perry's campaign leaked the first sexual harassment story to Politico, he backtracked from those comments after Perry's adviser Rick Anderson said that wasn't the case.

WATCH: Video from Fox News, which appeared on November 8, 2011. (Block's claims about Kraushaar can be found at 2:55)