In a bizarre twist, Herman Cain discussed the sexual harassment allegations leveled against him in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller's Ginni Thomas. Thomas, of course, is the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who faced his own explosive sexual harassment scandal 20 years ago.

In the interview, Cain professes his innocence, and says the story is just another example of how Washington has a totally different mindset from the rest of the country.

"That is the D.C. culture: guilty until proven innocent," Cain says.

Later on in the interview, Cain takes that point further by saying that there is a Washington "bubble" that is out of touch with "real people" he's met elsewhere in the country. Cain, who has touted himself as a Washington outsider, said that was the reason that he is doing so well despite reporters' bemusement at his surging campaign.

"The voice of the people is different from the voice of the media," Cain said.

"There is a disconnect, and we are benefiting from what the people want, and not what the bubble wants," he added.

Watch the interview below: