The Democratic National Committee (DNC) continued their focus to paint Mitt Romney as "out of touch" in a new ad attacking the GOP presidential frontrunner for his "Let Detroit go bankrupt" comments.

The 36 second ad, titled "Hit the Road, Mitt," features some similar images to the 2011 Chrysler commercials highlighting the city of Detroit's resilience.

In one of his myriad of flip-flops, Romney claimed this past May that President Barack Obama deserved to give the former Massachusetts governor credit for his choice to bailout the auto industry. Obama's decision has been praised, even by outlets who initially criticized the decision.

Since the $80 billion bailout, the auto industry has created over 128,000 jobs. Obama's National Economic Council said the government will lose less than $14 billion (20 percent) from the bailout, with most of the losses due to stock prices. General Motors and Chrysler have seen their profits increase, allowing them to pay back a little over half of the bailout totals thus far.

GM has paid back $23 billion of the $51 billion it was given, while Chrysler has paid back $7 billion of the almost $11 billion it received. It should also be noted that the Bush administration actually initiated the auto bailout through its Troubled Asset Relief Program before the Obama administration gave out subsequent loans.

"There are a lot of politicians who said it wasn't worth the time and wasn't worth the money," Obama said at a General Motors plant last month, referring to Romney and other Republicans. "There's a lot of politicians who still say that."

This however isn't the only time the DNC attacked Romney for this specific comment this year, releasing an ad with a montage of him repeating the same statement. The DNC has also released a website highlighting Romney's various challenges in positions tiled ""

WATCH: Video from Youtube, which appeared on November 7, 2011.