Throughout the campaign season the audiences at Republican presidential debates haven't been shy about making their opinions known -- and Wednesday's CNBC debate was no exception.

CNBC moderator Maria Bartiromo immediately felt the crowd's wrath as soon as she asked Herman Cain about the sexual harassments allegations against him.

"Mr. Cain, the American people want jobs but they also want leadership, they want character in a president," Bartiromo noted. "Four women have accused you of inappropriate behavior. Here we are focusing on character and judgement."

The moderator was then forced to pause as the audience groaned and booed.

"You know the shareholders are reluctant to hire a CEO where there are character issues," she continued. "Why should the American people hire a president if they feel there are character issues?"

"The American people deserve better than someone being tried better in the court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations," he replied. "And I value my character and my integrity more than anything else and for every one person that comes forward with a false accusation, there are probably -- there are thousands who would say, 'None of that sort of activity ever came from Herman Cain.'"

Other GOP debate audiences have booed a gay soldier and cheered letting a man without insurance die.

Watch this video from CNBC, broadcast Nov. 9, 2011.