Protesters participating in the ongoing "Occupy Chicago" demonstration aren't just using the signs and chants to highlight the consolidation of economic and political power.

On Saturday, the protesters joined with the International Bedlam Society to host a family fair in Chicago's Grant Park. The event, called "Keep Your Children Occupied," included free face painting, coloring, bubbles, hula hoops, bean-bag tossing games, live music, balloon animals, and sing-along’s.

The International Bedlam Society said it was hosting the kid-friendly event to raise awareness about poverty in America.

"Because 1 in 5 American families is food insecure," the Society said on its website. "Because children are only 25% of the country’s population, but 40% of the population living in poverty. Because our schools are broke and our prisons are full. We want a better world for them. And we’re going to celebrate and sing while we do it."

More than 300 "Occupy Chicago" protesters were arrested in Grant Park on two occasions in October after they set up tents and refused to leave the public park after closing time.

The protesters have been demonstrating day-after-day at a busy corner outside the Federal Reserve Bank since September 23.

Watch video, courtesy of independent YouTube reporter John Sheehan, below: