Failed Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin says protesters in the Occupy movement are looking for a handout just like "Wall Street fat cats."

"I would like to know that my federal government understands a vision that believes in empowerment versus entitlement," Palin told an audience the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Victory Dinner Thursday. "To see this struggle in action, look no further than the Occupy Wall Street movement that is going on."

"This Occupy Wall Street has -- of course, when it first kind of got off the ground, people looked at it, I looked at it and was thinking these folks, they feel legitimate indignation about the Wall Street bailouts, financial institutions behaving recklessly and then we get stuck with the bill. And then three years later, many of us still quite ticked off because we don't have assurances that those who caused the financial collapse in the first place, that they are being held accountable, and that it won't happen again."

She continued: "But this Occupy Wall Street crowd -- now it seems to evolved a bit -- Occupy Wall Street crowd is drawn now to, I believe, the wrong conclusions. They say, 'Wall Street fat cats got a bail out, so now I want one too.' And the correct answer is, 'No one is entitled to a bailout.'"

Palin also praised Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) while speaking at the dinner.

"Rick Scott is a doer. I know he's a doer because he's managed to tick off all the right people," she declared, according to The Associated Press.

"Your governor is very impressive. He's a bit of an illustration of still waters running deep — unassuming, humble, an amazing life story, a life story that really is the picture of what someone can accomplish in America with work ethic and commitment."

The AP estimated that Florida Republicans raised around $900,000 at the event.

Watch the video below from WOFL, broadcast Nov. 3, 2011.

Sarah Palin weighs in on Occupy protesters:

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