One Occupy Wall Street activist told Current TV on Tuesday that he isn't worried that New York City police may be trying to sabotage the movement by sending drunk and homeless people to Zuccotti Park.

The New York Daily News' Harry Siegel wrote Sunday that at least two drunks told him that they have been encouraged by police to "take it to Zuccotti."

The New York City Police Department has denied the allegation.

"It's irrelevant," Ryan Hoffman, who co-authored "Declaration of the Occupation of New York City," told Current TV's David Shuster.

"Whether [the police are sending infiltrators] or not, it's irrelevant. We are part of a movement against a violent system that has disenfranchised many people. And a lot of people don't have a voice. You know, whether or not they are sending people down there, we'll take them. Because if they have been wounded by the system that we are in that creates a systemic sort of foreclosure mill, kicking people out of their houses and sort of oppressing them and taking away their voices, taking away their enfranchisement to speak. Well, guess what? That's what our movement is about and we're not going to turn those people away."

Watch this video from Current TV's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, broadcast Nov. 1, 2011.