Yesterday, in a meeting with a New Hampshire newspaper editorial board, Mitt Romney took aim at allegations that he's a flip-flopper...and shot himself in the foot. "I have been," the candidate maintains, "as consistent as human beings can be."

Thursday's Rachel Maddow Show opened with a thorough debunking of that statement, courtesy of a campaign ad from Jon Huntsman. Huntsman may not be getting much traction in the polls, but his campaign, Rachel says, is doing the "Mitt Romney has no idea what he's talking about" thing better than anyone. There isn't a major issue in American politics, she says, that Romney has not come down on both sides of at some point or another.

At a time when the campaigns of his rivals appear to be imploding, it would behoove Romney to sit a few rounds out, keep his mouth shut, and let the other candidates fall on their swords. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the former Massachusetts governor seems to be constitutionally incapable of doing anything of the sort. Watch the gaffe-tastic results, embedded via MSNBC, below:

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