Republican Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois became noticeably upset during a meeting with his constituents in Gurnee over the weekend after it was suggested that financial regulatory reform would be beneficial.

One person in the UNO Bar & Grill pointed out that people in the banking industry often occupied positions at federal agencies charged with regulating the financial sector.

"I agree with you about that," he yelled. "That's not the problem!"

"The problem is you’ve got to be consistent," Walsh said. "And I don't want government meddling in the marketplace. Yeah, they move from Goldman Sachs to the White House, I understand all of that. But you gotta’ be consistent. And it’s not the private marketplace that created this mess. What created mess this mess is your government, which has demanded for years that everybody be in a home. And we’ve made it easy as possible for people to be in homes. All the marketplace does is respond to what the government does. The government sets the rules."

"Don’t blame banks, and don’t blame the marketplace for the mess we’re in right now," he continued. "I am tired of hearing that crap!"

Watch video, clipped by ThinkProgress, below:

The full 50-minute video can be viewed here.