According to various reports on Twitter, more than a thousand supporters and witnesses have shown up in support of the "Occupy" protesters in Portland. Minutes before the planned eviction, which is to take place at Midnight PT, the crowd appears exuberant.

UPDATE: 12:33 a.m. PT: 'Occupy Portland' still stands. Protesters dancing in the streets. Police in riot gear spotted on site.

UPDATE: 2:00 a.m. PT: Several reports on Twitter indicate there was a projectile thrown at a police officer and one arrest has been made. A speaker on the livestream below said, "Stay calm. If we stay peaceful, we run this shit."

UPDATE: 2:25 a.m. PT: Several thousand occupiers/witnesses still hold their ground in downtown Portland. Riot police have been pushed back.

UPDATE: 4:46 a.m. PT: We're hearing on Twitter that police are amassing for another run at breaking up the protest.

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