Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has found a loophole in her pledge not to use teleprompters.

At a campaign stop in Creston, Iowa Wednesday, the candidate read her campaign speech directly from an iPad tablet computer.

"I have a statement I would like to read before I open up and take a few of your questions," the candidate told the crowd, only pausing from her prepared remarks to yell "Good morning!" at a passing train.

The Minnesota Republican slid her finger across the iPad screen as she opined for over five minutes about a recent attack ad by GOP hopeful Rick Perry, President Barack Obama's signature health care legislation, and the dangers of North Korea and Iran.

"And we should always use the full resources of our military when we go to achieve a victory," Bachmann said, again raising her voice to compete with another train.

"That's the Reagan doctrine. That will also be the Bachmann doctrine," she added.

Throughout her presidential campaign, Bachmann has attacked Obama for his use of teleprompters, and promised they would not be part of her White House.

"I know you’re not used to seeing a president without teleprompters," the candidate said in July. "But I’m just here to tell you President O’Bach — President Bachmann will not have teleprompters in the White House."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Dec. 28, 2011.