Long-shot Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger released a video on Saturday mocking Texas Gov. Rick Perry for having the most disliked video on YouTube.

Karger was the first official entrant in the GOP 2012 race, as well as the first openly gay presidential candidate of a major political party. He is also the first Jewish Republican to ever to run for president.

"I'm Rick Perry and I admit I'm ashamed of making that ad about gays in the military and all," he says in the video. "I guess I was just desperate because I am so low in the polls."

"Now my video is the most disliked video in YouTube history. I guess hate weakens America. And I want America to be strong. Rick Perry might not approve of this message, but I do. I'm Fred Karger."

In Perry's ad, he claims something is wrong with the United States because "gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school."

Since its release on December 7, the ad has received more than 600,00 "dislikes" on YouTube. Although it was initially reported that the video was the most disliked in YouTube history, Rebecca Black's "Friday" had received more than 1.1 million "dislikes."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on December 10, 2011, below: