In his most recent statement via email to supporters, Newt Gingrich has sought their help against attack ads that have eroded his poll numbers and cost him his headway in the Republican race for the presidential nomination. The Hill's "Ballot Box" blog reports that Gingrich sent out an email blast to supporters on Tuesday beseeching their help against "a barrage of attacks" by well-funded groups loosely associated with other candidates.

Newt's fortunes have plummeted in recent weeks. The man who only a few weeks ago was famously declaring to ABC news that "I'm going to be the nominee" is now polling at less than a meager 15% in the latest Real Clear Politics survey, third behind Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

The indignities don't stop there, however. In addition to questions about Gingrich's electability given his campaign's failure to make the Virginia ballot, signs indicate that money may be tight within the campaign. A planned 44-stop bus tour has been reduced to 22, and Gingrich has been unable to launch this own TV counter-offensive.

A paragraph from today's email seeks to dispel rumors of the campaign's allegedly empty coffers. Regarding year-end financial disclosures, Gingrich writes, “When we post a big number [for 2011’s fourth quarter], it will dispel the notion that this campaign doesn’t have the resources necessary to campaign nationally."

Regardless of whatever hopeful spin the candidate and his staff continue to offer, the future of Gingrich 2012 could well be decided when Iowans go to the polls to vote in the Republican primary on Tuesday, January 3.