Former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell (R) may have given the least encouraging endorsement ever for Mitt Romney on Wednesday morning.

In her appearance Appearing on CNN's American Morning, O'Donnell explained why she supports Romney for the GOP presidential nomination.

"I think especially in such an unstable economic environment, what people criticized him for in 2008 -- his consistency, the fact that he was so strong -- I think people will find that appealing going into 2012."

When host Carol Costello mentioned how consistency isn't one of the former Massachusetts governor's strengths, O'Donnell was actually comfortable with that. And she provided an answer that the Romney campaign likely won't fully embrace.

"That's one of things I like about him, because he's been consistent since he changed his mind," she said. "And I think that he is humble enough to say that I don't always have the right answers."

O'Donnell lost to Chris Coons in the 2010 election for the Delaware Senate seat to replace Ted Kaufman. She was widely ridiculed during her campaign for claiming that she's opposed to masturbation, and that she's "not a witch."

WATCH: Video from CNN, which was broadcast on December 14, 2011.