Current TV host Keith Olbermann called conservative rocker Ted Nugent an "asshole" on Monday for writing that Occupy Wall Street protesters were "dirtballs" and "dirty hippies."

In his Washington Times column last week, Nugent said that "watching the cops pounce on and pepper-spray a few Occupy stooges and then drag the dirtballs off to jail in shackles is good for my conservative soul."

"You have to admit that watching a stinky, dirty hippie being dragged off to jail is as funny watching James Brown drive across railroad tracks on the rims of his pickup truck, listening to Joe Biden stick his foot in his mouth, or watching Moe hit Larry and Curly with a pipe wrench. This is funny stuff, funny stuff. Lighten up," Nugent wrote.

That comment won Nugent the "Worst Person in the World" award from Olbermann on Monday.

While displaying a the photo of a long-haired Nugent on the cover of his 1977 "Cat Scratch Fever" album, Olbermann noted: "He really wrote stinking, dirty hippie about someone else after making a reputation as one?"

"Asshole," the liberal host added.

Watch this video from Current TV's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, broadcast Dec. 20, 2011.

Photo: Flickr/David Defoe