Many supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul may be surprised to learn that the Texas Republican is not as anti-war as they think.

Paul senior adviser Doug Wead on Wednesday dismissed the idea that the candidate was to the left of President Barack Obama when it comes to war.

"I totally disagree with that idea that he is to the left or the right," Wead told Fox News host Megyn Kelly. "He's pro-Constitution. He's in favor of taking the idea of war -- he's not against war."

"He was the only public figure in 1981 to stand up and defend Israel's right to defend herself and take out those Iraqi nuclear facilities," he added. "He's not against war. He's in favor of going to the U.S. Congress -- as the Constitution says -- and debating it, committing to war, getting in, winning it and then getting out."

"He's against these endless wars that happen at a whim because somebody believes that someone is a threat to the United States."

Watch this video from Fox News' America Live, uploaded Dec. 28, 2011.