Raw Story's managing director Mike Rogers was a guest on Thursday's The Ed Show, discussing Ron Paul and the real ramifications of the candidate's views on "states' rights," civil rights, and the rights of LGBT people under a potential Paul administration.

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The Paul campaign prominently featured the endorsement of Rev. Phillip G. Kayser, a Christian pastor who believes that gays should be executed in accordance with "Biblical law." Kayser is a Paul supporter, saying that he believes that Rep. Paul's policies are consistent with a Biblical world view. As Kayser's more controversial statements have come to light, the Paul 2012 website scrubbed any mention of the pastor.

Rogers pointed out that Congressman Paul has left a trail of contradictory statements on the rights of gays and minorities and indicates that this may be part of a pattern of disinformation and obfuscation. He added that Paul may even be using the guise of so-called "libertarianism" as a springboard toward the goal of rolling back all civil rights legislation, effectively stripping away the hard-won rights of any U.S. citizens who are not part of the white, heterosexual mainstream.

Rep. Paul has said before that he would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a view that is shared by his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-TN), who claimed that the Civil Rights Act was an intrusion on the rights of businesses owners, who he feels should be able to determine for themselves who they will and will not serve.

These views led the Southern Poverty Law Center to dub Rand Paul an "extremist," over a view his father has actively promoted.

Watch the video, embedded via YouTube, below: