Rep. Chris Murphy (D-CT) on Wednesday accused the national hardware chain Lowes of giving fodder to militant Muslim groups.

Facing pressure from the Florida Family Association, a little-known Christian group, Lowes pulled all its advertisements from the TV show All-American Muslim. The series showcases the lives of Americans who follow Islam.

“They’re compromising American national security when they give this kind of endorsement to fringe, anti-Muslim bias,” Murphy told Countdown host Keith Olbermann.

"I'm not going to sit here and tell you I'm going to pass a law telling them they have to put their ads back on All-American Muslim, I'm just going to organize some pretty severe political pressure as we have countless times throughout this country's history to stamp out this kind of bias through moral peer pressure."

Rep. Chris Murphy and 30 other Members of Congress have sent a letter to Lowes, urging them to reinstate their ads.

"They are a major face of this nation," he explained. "And while they are not part of our national security strategy, we need them to understand that what we are facing is an enemy that isn't rational but certainly uses things we do to organize against us."

"It is not true that this country thinks that every Muslim family is trying to destroy America. It is just this really small group in Florida, and a handful of others like them around the country. We can't have Lowes giving the impression that the rest of this country endorses that view."

Watch video, courtesy of Current TV, below: