Donald Trump called in to Greta Van Susteren's show on Thursday night to discuss the current state of the Republican field and the question of whether or not "the right third party candidate" (namely himself) could beat President Obama in 2012.

The Reality TV star hearkened back to the Ross Perot candidacy, saying (with apparently no sense of irony) that what cost Perot the presidency in 1992 was that he quit the race, but then turned around and got right back in.

Trump says that he believes that he could easily siphon off key parts of the president's constituency. Van Susteren asks if he means wealthy Democrats, but what Trump actually means is that he believes his appeal is universal enough to draw away "Hispanic votes, frankly. I think, and people smile when I say it, I think I’d do great with the African American votes. I think I’d do great with that."

Yes, in fact, we are smiling as we type this. Actually, we are, in common parlance, "LOL-ing."

"The Donald" insists that President Obama "hasn't done anything" to help black voters in his three years in office, but that he can't make a decision about whether to run as a third party candidate until this season of his reality show, "The Apprentice" concludes.

Watch the clip (via Mediaite), which has to be seen to be believed, below: