The Arab American Association of New York released a video on Wednesday calling for Americans to "boycott bigotry" after retail giant Lowe's pulled all their advertisements from a TV show about Muslims.

Facing pressure from the Florida Family Association, a little-known Christian group, Lowe's pulled all its advertisements from TLC's All-American Muslim. The group said the program was "propaganda" because it profiled Muslims who appeared "to be ordinary folks."

The video shows young American Muslims holding signs that say: "We are all American Muslims. But this is not about the Muslim community. This is about our values as Americans. When a national retailer caves to bigotry and racism what does it say about our country?

"We believe that intolerance is not an American principle. We believe that tolerance and inclusion make our nation strong. Lowe's, how are we supposed to 'build something together'? Boycott bigotry!"

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on December 14, below: