Commentator Bill Moyers has a new weekly show on public television called Moyers and Company. The show bills itself as "a forum to poets, writers and artists, scientists and philosophers, and leading scholars."

Moyers has long been known for his clear but nuanced take on the issues of the day. In this excerpt from the premiere of Moyers and Company, he offers viewers his latest "Essay on Democracy," an in-depth look at the people and societal forces shaping the "Occupy" movement.

Moyers and his film crew spent a great deal of time at the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park, getting to know demonstrators and exploring the "Occupy" phenomenon, which Moyers believes is addressing the most important issues facing modern society.

Watch the clip, embedded via Moyers and Company, below:

[vimeo_embed expand=1]

Bill Moyers on Occupy Wall Street from on Vimeo.