Talk show host David Pakman questioned Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association on his program Monday over his opposition to non-heterosexual behavior and same sex relationships.

About halfway through the interview, Pakman asked why those opposed to same sex relationships seemed to focus on anal sex between gay men and ignore lesbian women.

"Many people on your side -- I guess, if we are to call it a side -- seem so fixated on the minutia of what two men do with each other, when they claim that they're focus is really the broader morality of homosexuality," Pakman said. "But you seem completely unconcerned with lesbians, which seems to be very common among anti-gay folk. Why is the obsession with gay male sex as opposed to lesbians? Do you care about lesbians at all?"

"Yeah, and that is one of the reasons why we oppose the normalization of lesbian behavior," Fischer responded. "There are a number of serious mental and physical health consequences that are associated with lesbianism."

"Like what?" Pakman interjected.

"They have a much higher rate of breast cancer for instance, they have a much higher rate of certain vaginal diseases, they have a much higher rate of emotional problems such as suicidal ideation, they is a much higher rate of domestic disturbance in lesbian relationships," Fischer claimed. "So for their sake, we think society ought to oppose the normalization of lesbianism as well as homosexuality."

The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies the American Family Association as a hate group because of its "demonizing propaganda aimed at homosexuals and other sexual minorities."

Watch the full interview below: